Belt sanding unit is widely used in our machines. Sanding of the belt sanding sand thicknesses starting from 36 to 600 grit precision sanding to obtain the desired surface. The belt sander is basically a sanding system that rotates on two cylinders.

The last unit used in the machines and used for the final finishing of the brush units on the metal surfaces, micro burrs and scratches are obtained by taking smoother surface quality. According to the metal surface used, it is best to select the most suitable brush units such as silicon, wool, fiber, steel wire and compoizite.

Application fields of mirror polishing machines for metal
Stainless steel, Aluminium, Brass, Compozite
Tubes, Metal sheets, Extruded parts, Flat surfaces

Flat Surface Sanding


Long Belt Sanding

Mirror Polishing Machine

Bent Tubes Sanding and Polishing

Round and Oval Tubes or Bars

Dust Extractors