esnek fırça zımpara
BP 110
Boru Polisaj ve
Zımpara Makinası
Esenek Bant Zımpara
1600 R.R.
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Famak Makina

Our company was established in 1975 as Aslıturk Machinery on special machine production. Since 2004, it has been producing only surface treatment machines. Our basic principles are respect for our work, diligence in our works, providing the best service to our customers and producing robust machinery with high quality. As a priority, our company adopts the principle of gaining customer satisfaction as a principle, and responds to the demands of caliber, satine and polishing of companies with its expert staff. Our company, which started out by adopting the principle of high quality production in machinery, takes firm steps towards becoming a pioneer in its sector without compromising respect and tolerance in its production in the wood, metal, plastic and stone sectors where it operates.